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go pissweazlz!

Hey this is beanie. I am the guitar player and lead singer of PISSWEAZLZ. i just thought i would post on our new nifty community cuz we kick ass and so does spazz cuz she put it here. we should be hopefully doing some sort of recording soooon so if we do, we will try to hook you up with a few samples here. any shows, we will also let you know. anybody have opinions on what they've heard in the past? which isnt much. i must say....not trying to brag...but we have gotten a lot better! we now have lyrics for all our songs. any other time we used to play, we NEVER had lyrics...lol. and we also have 3 songs more than we ever played for anyone. haha. we have also gotten to be alot better of friends and learned how to play together if you know what i mean, and we have this sort of bond in our sound now. its cool. also, i recently (last week) got a new 250 watt marshall amp, which made our entire band sound so much better and i think it gave us this certain confidence we nver had.....maybe because we could actually hear the guitar....idk haha. well, thats all for now. everyone enjoy the community....and be nice. wed like to hear you opinions, just dont bash too much. constructive critisism! YEA! lol
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